Top Five Favorite Foods I Make

I like to eat.  But not everything.  I am a picky eater.  When I go out, I have to know what is in the meals.  I hate mushrooms, fish, seafood, exotic meats (hee-hee), sauces, avocado, eggs, anything that smells weird, anything that looks “squishy”; yeah I know I’m impossible to take out for a meal.  That is why once I find a restaurant that I like, I stick to it. Continue reading


Five Forgotten Songs From My Youth

I am a part of the MTV generation.  That was how I got my new music.  I’m from a small town and the local rock station was very selective on what they would play, so I got my music from MTV and the local music store in the mall. While I was writing my post on my “Turn It Up” songs, it got me thinking about songs that I don’t hear anymore.  Continue reading

My Top Five Brothers

I was born and raised in Kalispell, Montana.  I grew up with four older and one younger brother.  I think we might have all been in the same house for maybe a month.  My four oldest brothers were born right after each other, then there is an almost ten year am and then I was born then five years later, my little brother was born. I have no sister.  You may think since I was the only girl I was spoiled, but I wasn’t.  My little brother had that honor.  Since I have five brothers, they get their own top five list. Here they are from oldest to youngest. Continue reading