Top Five Cosplays I would Like To Do

I am not a small woman.  I use to be but I discovered craft beer, plus I’m old.  I just finished going to Emerald City Comicon and Sakura Con here in the Seattle area.  I have cosplayed at ECCC many times, but this was my first time attending Sakura Con and cosplaying there as well. I really enjoy designing, making and then wearing my cosplays, but I don’t like feeling like a failure while at the cons. Continue reading


Top Five Essays I Have Written

I created this blog as a requirement for my Creative Fictional Writing class at Bellevue College. I have tried to write in a blog before, so I felt this assignment would be a pain in my ass.  And it was, at first. Continue reading

My Top Five Happy Songs In No Particular Order

I suffer from depression, which is expected considering I live in the Pacific Northwest.  My vitamin D level is low, but it’s in better shape now than it was a few years ago.  I take daily supplements and spend as much time in the sun as my daily life will allow. Continue reading