Top Five Cosplays I would Like To Do

I am not a small woman.  I use to be but I discovered craft beer, plus I’m old.  I just finished going to Emerald City Comicon and Sakura Con here in the Seattle area.  I have cosplayed at ECCC many times, but this was my first time attending Sakura Con and cosplaying there as well. I really enjoy designing, making and then wearing my cosplays, but I don’t like feeling like a failure while at the cons. Continue reading


Top Five Episodes of Firefly

I am a Browncoat and proud of it.  I stumbled upon Firefly after it was cancelled.  Who knows, if I watched it while it aired Fox would have never booted it off the air. Even though there are only 14 episodes, I feel like whenever I binge watch I am watching years of episodes because the stories are so well written.

Continue reading

Top Five Celebrities I have Met at Emerald City Comicon

I have been attending Emerald City Comicon since 2010 and have had the privileged to meet many authors, comic creators and celebrities.  Some of theses celebrities were nice, they shook my hand and signed my stuff–for a fee.  Some acted like they were better than me and didn’t want to e there.  And a few made me feel like I was the reason they came. Continue reading