Top Five Essays I Have Written

I created this blog as a requirement for my Creative Fictional Writing class at Bellevue College. I have tried to write in a blog before, so I felt this assignment would be a pain in my ass.  And it was, at first. Continue reading


My Top Five Brothers

I was born and raised in Kalispell, Montana.  I grew up with four older and one younger brother.  I think we might have all been in the same house for maybe a month.  My four oldest brothers were born right after each other, then there is an almost ten year am and then I was born then five years later, my little brother was born. I have no sister.  You may think since I was the only girl I was spoiled, but I wasn’t.  My little brother had that honor.  Since I have five brothers, they get their own top five list. Here they are from oldest to youngest. Continue reading