More Top Five ‘Turn It Up” Songs

Summer time is my favorite time to be driving around.  I like having my window down and my stereo up.  I like singing loud and pretending I know all of the words to the song. Here are five more “Turn It Up” songs that get me moving.  After looking over this list, I must be in a dark mood.  These songs are great, but dark.  Oh well….

Nothin’ by Reel Big Fish (1996)

Have I mentioned that I love Reel Big Fish?  This is my all time favorite song by them.  I finally got to hear it performed live.  It’s even better IRL.  This song sums up some days for me.

Down With The Sickness by Disturbed (2000)

I admit this song is hard to sing to, especially in Rock Band.  I have to learn to breath and sing.  This song is great when I’m in a pissy mood. At the 3 minute point I love how the song hits it’s climax.

Chop Suey! by System Of A Down (2001)

I find myself singing this song to myself while I’m at work corrupting young minds.  I have no idea why.

New Way Home by Foo Fighters (1997)

We moved to the Seattle area shortly before the Kingdome was demolished in 2000.  I never had the opportunity to go in it, but I did see it a couple of times.  I have been to Safeco Field many times, though. I really like this song because of the build up.  You can’t beat it.

Teenagers by My Chemical Romance (2006)

I have to thank my daughter for introducing me to MCR.  I’m just sad that I never knew them when they were together.  I keep getting excited whenever I hear a rumor of them getting back together.

And now for something completely different:



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