Top Five Harry Potter Villains

“Long time, no sea,” said the dead fish.

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and written a new Top Five.  Life has been happening with the Monster graduating high school, cleaning house to make room for visitors and the end of the year stuff every teacher has to do.  Sorry about that.

I have been kicking around something in my head for my next Top Five.  I’ve decided to tackle My Top Five Harry Potter Villains. Please do not read of if you do not know anything about the Harry Potter world, because I would not want to give away any spoilers. Also, I will try to include examples from the books and the movies as well as information I have gathered from Mugglenet and Pottermore.

So here they are in no particular order:

Dolores Umbridge


So this one is obvious. I am a firm believer that Professor Umbridge is the worse villain of all time. She will do anything to get her way and what she wants.

Let’s start from the beginning. She did not like Harry from the beginning.  She saw him as someone who had no respect for authority, and she believed he needed to be punished. One way she could do this was to get Harry expelled from Hogwarts.  She knew he was already on thin ice with practicing magic outside of Hogwarts.  He had one warning already (thanks to Dobby) and I’m sure she did not agree with Fudge when he let Harry get away with blowing up his Aunt.

So what does Umbridge do? She sends Dementors to Little Whinging, knowing that Harry will use magic to stop them.  But, her little plan backfired.  Dumbledore made sure that Harry was always being watched, so there was a witness to the Dementor attack.

Next, Umbridge convinces Fudge to appoint her the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. I’m pretty sure this class she failed when she attended Hogwarts, why else would she revamp the curriculum? So now, Harry has no way to learn how to defend himself from He Who Must Not Be Named. This just tickles Umbridge. So much that she taunts Harry with this that he earns detention, because he couldn’t hold his temper. (Have a biscuit, Potter.)

Then comes detention.  He has to write “I must not tell lies”, but she did not provide any ink.  And Harry, being from the Muggle world doesn’t blink an eye.  He knows what a pen and pencil are. He begins writing with the quill, and soon finds “I must not tell lies” etched onto the back of his hand. This continues until his hand is permanently scarred. Even though Umbridge was able to mark him, she did not break Harry’s spirit.

Now the rules and regulations go into effect. Educational Decree 24 is posted. “All student organizations, societies, teams, groups, and clubs are henceforth disbanded.” No clubs, Quidditch, no study sessions, no Dumbledore’s Army. But this does not stop Harry.

Umbridge catches Harry using the floo network to talk to Sirius, so the Floo network will now be banned, but not in her office.

Umbridge uses Veritaserum to trick Harry into giving the whereabouts of Sirius.  Thankfully Harry remembers to never drink anything an enemy gives you. (Thanks Moody!)

Finally, she manages to find a “Sneak” and is able to capture the DA. Hermione is thinking fast and is able to convince Umbridge that the DA was working on something for Dumbledore….it was in the Forbidden Forest…..near Grawp…..and the Centaurs. Is this the last we hear of Umbridge.

Nope.  Fast forward and we have Scrimgeour trying to get Harry to back the Ministry of Magic.  He tries bribing Harry with an internship in the Auror field, a certain Dolores Umbridge mentioned that Harry wanted to become one. But, Harry is “Dumbledores man, through and through”.  Harry says that he “must not tell lies”.

Umbridge is the worst villian because she would do anything to be seen at the top.  She will abuse children, lie, poison, threaten and harm others just to win.

Severus Snape


I was a huge supported of the whole “Snape is Good” thing that went on between books six and seven.  I was sure Snape did not mean to kill Dumbledore.  He was a double, double agent. And I stayed true to Snape for awhile…until I got to thinking.

Snape never cared for Harry.  Every time he saw Harry not only did he see Lily’s eyes, but he saw James in Harry as well. No one wants to be reminded of their bully, and Snape could never forgive James.  James humiliated Snape in-front of Lily, the woman he loved.  This caused Snape to call her a mudblood, thus severing what was left of their friendship.  Years later, Snape sees the love of his life marry his enemy. They have a child, and Snape is stuck thinking….”What if?”

Then, Snape “happens” to overhear a prophesy stating that Lily and James gave birth to a child that will defeat Voldemort. He tells He Who Must Not Be Named, begging for him to spare Lily. Of course, Voldemort does as he pleases and kills both Lily and James.  Leaving Harry behind.

So now, this “Boy Who Lived” comes waltzing into Hogwarts, looking just like James. Snape knows he can’t flat out kill Harry, not with Dumbledore around. But Snape can bully him, just like James bullied Snape.  Snide remarks, humiliation, mockery, unequal treatment befalls Harry.  Severus Snape cannot forgive and forget.  He has to treat Harry horribly all because of who his parents were.

Lucius Malfoy


Most people would think that Draco Malfoy would be on this list.  He wasn’t nice to Harry at all. But I think Draco treated Harry the way he did because of who his father was. Lucius Malfoy was pure blood and proud of it.  He hated anyone who was anything less.  He raised his son with the same ideals.

Lucius was someone who had hate embedded into his DNA. I’m sure he did not have a happy marriage and I wouldn’t be surprised if he beat Narcissa.

Lucius knew that Dumbledore was Lord Voldemort’s strongest enemy.  He tried everything to dispose of Dumbledore, knowing that if he was successful He Who Must Not Be Named would be grateful.

Lucius tried having the Chamber of Secrets opened, he had Dumbledore suspended from Hogwarts by threatening the board of governors, he eavesdropped on Harry’s trial hoping to see if Harry would get expelled, he did everything within his powers to ensure Voldemort would come back into power.

Lord Voldemort


This one is obvious. Only good thing I have to say about old Voldey is that he always waited until exams were over with.


The Dursleys


The Dursleys had the chance to raise Harry with love, but they chose to treat him like a parasite.  Only Petunia’s fear of the Wizarding World ensured that Harry would have a home.

I often wonder what Harry would have been like if Petunia loved him as much as she loved her sister.  I often wonder what Harry’s first word was and if it was “Mama”, what did she do? Would Petunia be nicer if she didn’t marry Vernon? Or if the Dursleys were so mean because of Harry being a horcrux? My hear aches thinking about a child growing up in a house without love.


So there you have it. Please comment on who you think was the worst villain in Harry Potter.


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