Top Five Cosplays I would Like To Do

I am not a small woman.  I use to be but I discovered craft beer, plus I’m old.  I just finished going to Emerald City Comicon and Sakura Con here in the Seattle area.  I have cosplayed at ECCC many times, but this was my first time attending Sakura Con and cosplaying there as well. I really enjoy designing, making and then wearing my cosplays, but I don’t like feeling like a failure while at the cons. I feel like a failure because my cosplay isn’t appreciated.  I work hard, dammit!  Love ME! 🙂 It’s not like I want everyone to take my photo, but say “Awesome Cosplay” or something.  I know it is mainly due to my weight and the fact that my boobs aren’t hanging out.

I get so sick looking at all the thin, gorgeous women surrounded by photographer.  We all know half of those photographers are not legit and are using the pictures for their new masturbatory aids. Why isn’t anyone wanking to me?  Just kidding.  I know that if I got off my fat ass and did something about it, my self image will improve.  But right now I’m whiny and thinking of what I should do next year.

So….here are my top five cosplays I would do if I knew I could get away with it.

Anita Blake Vampire Executioner


Anita is a bad ass.  If you haven’t read the books, please do.  They are very erotic and full of violence…..and very outdated.  But Laurell K. Hamilton has been writing about Anita for years and the vampire/vampire slayer love story is fantastic.  Also, there are shifters and demons and assassins. Gun fights, slayings, sex, domination, orgies, so much.  I may have to read the series again…..

Belle from Beauty and the Beast


She is one of my favorite princesses. And I want to feel pretty.

Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter


She’s sexy, crazy, evil and terrifying.  (I completely disregard her association to The Cursed Child because that book was stupid)

Catherine from Catherine


She is a succubus.  That is just plain cool.

Mad Moxxi from Borderlands


She enjoys violence and fighting.  She is a bad ass chick.

Yuna from Final Fantasy (Yes I know, this makes 6) 


I have already done Yuna in her summoner dress.  Next, I would like to do her gunner dress.  Maybe eventually do her songstress dress.

Finally, if I learn makeup

The Tooth Fairy from The Cabin in the Woods



She is just terrifying.  Plus I was in ballet for 10 years, so I could do it.  😛


I’m open for any suggestions you may have for me!


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