Five Forgotten Songs From My Youth

I am a part of the MTV generation.  That was how I got my new music.  I’m from a small town and the local rock station was very selective on what they would play, so I got my music from MTV and the local music store in the mall. While I was writing my post on my “Turn It Up” songs, it got me thinking about songs that I don’t hear anymore.  So here are five songs from my MTV years.  I may add more as my brain wanders.

Stay by Shakespears Sister (1992)

I was infatuated with this video for some reason.  I saw it as a struggle between good and evil and it wasn’t until I was older that I understood what it was really about.  I went out to “Sunshine Tapes and CD’s” and purchased the cassette single. Now that I think about it, I might still have it.

Ready To Go by Republica (1996)


I really wanted my hair to be done like hers. Watching this video now causes my vertigo to activate.  It sucks getting old.  It is still a great upbeat song.  It is one that I still dance to whenever I hear it on Lithium on my Sirius Radio.

Life Is A Highway by Tom Cochrane (1991)

No one plays the harmonica anymore.

I know most of you know this song from the Disney movie Cars because Rascal Flatts did a cover of it.  This one is the original.  In my teen years, I had the biggest crush on Tom, but looking at him now he looks like Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber. It is still a great song with an upbeat tempo.  A great song to kick off the 90’s with.

Sell Out by Reel Big Fish (1996)

I remember watching this video on MTV with my little brother.  I had never heard of Ska before.  About a year later, a friend put a CD in his stereo while we were cruising Main Street and this song came on.  I was like: “I love this song! Where did you find it?”  He introduced me to Reel Big Fish.  They have owned a piece of my heart ever since.

To Be With You by Mr. Big (1994)

Big hair is so much nicer down than up in man-buns. I use to want to get my first kiss to this song, didn’t happen though.  My first kiss was at the roller rink and I don’t remember what song was playing.  I just remember the kiss.

I’m a sucker for acoustic ballads. I hear this once in awhile while I’m grocery shopping.  Someone should do a cover of it.

Honorable mention:

Everything About You by Ugly Kid Joe (1992)

I learned how to head bang to this song.  I love grunge.  ❤


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