Top Five “Turn It Up” Songs

I love music. If it has a catchy beat and I can dance to it or sing along with it, I usually like it. I really enjoy music that I can enjoy while I drive.  Yes, I’m one of those people who bop in their car. There are many songs and lots of groups that I enjoy while I’m cruising. But here are five that I can remember off of the top of my head. These are what I call “Turn It Up” songs. Bad Habit by The Offspring (1994)

Okay, there is just one part in this song that I really have to crank it past 11.  If you are familiar with The Offspring you that they are not safe for work.  99% of what The Offspring produces, I will turn it up. It also makes me feel like a bad-ass when I listen to it.

Basket Case by Green Day (1994)

Green Day is another band that I like most of what they produce.  They have a bunch of songs that I will turn up while I’m driving. Basket Case will always get the honor.  It just reminds me of simpler times. (So far it looks like 1994 had the best music)

Carry On by Fun (2012)

This song is a very spiritual one for me. (BTW, I’m Agnostic with leanings toward Atheist) I first really listened to the lyrics after my mom passed. It really summed up my emotions and it brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it. But it is turn up worthy because of how amazing it climaxes. I also air drum to it.

Don’t Follow by Alice in Chains (1994)

I probably should have named this post my favorite songs from 1994.  This one is a beautiful piece done on acoustic guitar. It starts off slow, but builds so nicely. The combination of the guitar and the harmonica is magic.  It is a song that I think would be perfect for my memorial service. It’s another tear jerker, but if I could learn how to play the guitar, I would make this the song I learn.

All These Things I’ve Done by The Killers (2004)

I’m beginning to think that what I look for in my turn up songs is a great build up.  This one is another one that starts out mild, but builds up to something memorable.  It also has me bring out my air drums and I rock out at the top of my voice.


So in conclusion, I have the feeling that I will be making a part two and a part three to this post as I remember music that I have labeled “Turn It Up” music.


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