Top Five Episodes of Firefly

I am a Browncoat and proud of it.  I stumbled upon Firefly after it was cancelled.  Who knows, if I watched it while it aired Fox would have never booted it off the air. Even though there are only 14 episodes, I feel like whenever I binge watch I am watching years of episodes because the stories are so well written.

So here are my top five favorite episodes of Firefly. Since Fox aired the season in incorrect order, you may find that my episode numbers do not coincide with IMDB’s list.

But first, I need to set the mood.

Shindig (Season 1, episode 4)


The Serenity crew are looking for work and Mal gets word that there is someone who needs cattle transported.  Inara happens to be on the same planet for her work and she bumps into Mal and Kaylee at the Shindig.  Inara’s date insults her and Mal stands up for her, thus causing the gentleman to challenge Mal to a duel.  Mal doesn’t have any training in sword fighting, so Inara helps him.

I like this episode because you find that Kaylee is really a girly-girl, Inara has feelings for Mal, River is more aware of what is going on than she lets on, and Badger really isn’t that bad of a guy.

I also cosplayed as Kaylee in her Layer Cake Dress, so that’s another reason why I’m fond of this episode.

Jaynestown (Season 1, episode 7)

Mal and his crew have to pick up some contraband on a planet that Jayne has some history on.  He and a partner robbed the magistrate.  Jayne barely got away, after he jettisoned his partner and the money from his ship.  The money rains down on the city, causing the town folk to see Jayne as a hero, thus building a statue in his honor.

I like this episode because Kaylee and Simon build on their relationship, River dismantles the bible because “It is broken”, and Wash is his quirky self.

Safe (Season 1, episode 5)


The Serenity crew are able to unload the cattle and give the crew a little shore leave.  But something bad happens.  River and Simon are kidnapped, Shepherd Book is shot and with no doctor on the ship, Inara convinces Mal to contact the Alliance for assistance.

I like this episode because even though Mal told Simon that he did not like him, he was still a part of the crew and they never leave their crew behind.  We also find out that there is more to Book than he lets on.

War Stories (Season 1, episode 10)


Wash insists on joining Mal on the business meeting, stating that Mal favors Zoe and Wash is jealous of their relationship.  The meeting is ambushed and Mal and Wash are captured by Niska who tortures them. Mal, ever the hero, lies to Wash about his relationship with Zoe.  He does this to force Wash to fight being tortured. Zoe is able to pay for Wash’s release, but only can get an ear from Mal. She and the remaining crew go on a rescue mission, saving Mal.

I like this episode because of the humor.  Especially in the end when Mal tells Zoe that Wash wants them to kiss, and it is awkward for everyone.

Out of Gas (Season 1, episode 8)


This is my favorite episode ever.  This is an origin story coupled with what could be the end of Serenity.

Serenity breaks down and Kaylee is unable to fix it.  They are running out of air so the crew divide into the two shuttles to look for help.  Mal stays behind with the ship.

Mal is able to find help, but they try to take Serenity from Mal.  Mal is shot in the process, but he is able to keep the ship and the piece needed to fix her.  While Mal is bleeding out, we find out how he chose Serenity and his crew.

Fortunately, Mal was able to fix the ship shortly before he passes out.  His crew returns to Serenity on Zoe’s orders. They arrive in time to save Mal’s life.


If you have never seen Firefly, I suggest you pop some popcorn and settle down for 14 episodes of one of the best science-fiction/westerns you will ever see.








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