Top Five Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episodes

Happy Buffy Day!  Today is the 20th anniversary of the television show Buffy The Vampire Slayer.  I admit, I jumped on the bandwagon late. But I have a good excuse: I didn’t have cable.  But thanks to the internet and Netflix, I was able to join that Buffy Train years after it aired.
Joss Whedon is a God.  Everyone should know that. He knows how to tell an excellent story and how to cast the right people to tell that story. Buffy is an excellent example.

It’s a series about a troubled teen girl forced to move to a tiny town after she messed up in her old town. (See the movie) Her parents also get a divorce so she moves to Sunnydale with her mom.  But those things that got her in trouble in her old town are happening again.  It isn’t until she bumps into Giles, the school librarian, that she finds out that she is still The Slayer.

Buffy befriends Willow and Xander and, with the help of Giles, Buffy and the Scooby Gang Clean up Sunnydale, in-between homework and chores.

So now, in no particular order, here are my Top Five Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episodes.

Halloween (Season 2, episode 6)


It’s Halloween in Sunnydale and the high school students are assigned to take the elementary students out trick-or-treating.  A lot of the residents in Sunnydale rent their costumes from a local shop, Ethan’s Costume Shoppe.  Little do they know that these costumes have a spell on them.

Buffy chooses a gown, hoping Angel (her vampire boyfriend) will like it since it emulates the century he was alive. But once the spell is triggered, it leaves Buffy afraid, weak, and unable to fight the vampires who are in on the spell.

It’s up to Willow (who is a ghost) to find Giles to stop the spell.  The two of them arrive at the shop, and Giles forces Ethan to stop the spell.

At the end of the episode, Buffy admits to Angel that she chose that costume so that he would see her as a girl and not a Slayer.  Angel tells Buffy that he likes Buffy as who she is, he didn’t like the women from his time, they were dull.

I like this episode because there are references throughout the series eluding to it. Especially for Xander who was dressed up as a military person. He was able to keep most of his knowledge of gun handling and combat to prove useful in future demon hunting.  I also like this episode because Buffy finds out that she is amazing as who she is.

The Prom (Season 3, episode 20)


So it is time for the prom.  Everyone has dates.  Xander is going with the ex-demon Anya, Willow is going with Oz the werewolf, and Buffy is going with Angel….until he dumps her.

So much happens in this episode.  Willow and Xander kiss, Hellhounds are on the loose, Buffy’s mom, Joyce, forces Angel to dump Buffy, and Buffy saves the day…again.

After the King and Queen of the prom are crowned, one more award is given out. A highly decorated umbrella engraved with “Buffy Summers–Class Protector” is awarded to Buffy.  With a speech from Jonathan about how everyone notices that she is out there protecting them, and they thank her for it.  (I cry every time at this part)

Oh, and Angel comes to his senses and shows up to the prom to dance with Buffy.

The Initiative (Season 4, episode 7)


Buffy has competition in town. Someone is hunting and capturing the demons, basically doing her job for her.  She even has stumbled upon them a few times. These group of people, known as The Initiative, capture demons for studying.  They have a secret underground lair, where the creatures are in glass enclosures. In one these is Spike, a vampire who is out to get Buffy.

Buffy doesn’t know that her psychology teacher is the head of The Initiative and that the guy she is crushing on is team leader.  They don’t know that Buffy is The Slayer.

Spike escapes, attacks Willow, and finds out that he can no longer hurt humans due to a chip that was placed in his brain.  Riley and the Initiative fight Spike, and so does Buffy. Spike escapes again, The Initiative retreat and Buffy is left to clean up and take care of Willow.

I like this episode because of the movie “The Cabin in the Woods” (2012). This movie is also written by Joss Whedon and when you get to the end of the movie, there is a similar area where demons and creatures are kept and studied.

Hush (Season 4, episode 10)


This is my all time favorite episode. It begins with Buffy having a day dream in class involving a little girl chanting a nursery rhyme. Buffy brings the dream up to Giles, but he doesn’t know what it means. That night, a mist creeps into Sunnydale bringing The Gentlemen.  These monsters steal the voices of the citizens of Sunnydale and slowly start to kill them by cutting out their hearts.  The only way to stop The Gentlemen is to scream, but they can’t because The Gentlemen have stolen their voices.

With the help of Giles, Buffy is able to figure out what is going on and finds where The Gentlemen are.  She fights them, with the help of Riley.  Riley destroys the box containing the voices of the citizens of Sunnydale.  Buffy screams once her voice returns, eliminating The Gentlemen.

I love this episode because it is creepy. There is mostly no sound and so much happens.  Riley and Buffy find out who each other are.  Willow meets Tara and falls in love.  Xander and Anya express their true feelings.  And Spike is just Spike.

Smashed (Season 6, episode 9)


Willow and Tara have broken up because Tara believes Willow is using too much magic.  So Willow and a fellow witch, Amy, go out on the town creating mischief with magic.  Willow finds out that she is enjoying having all of this power.

Meanwhile, Spike finds out that he can hit Buffy.  He tells her that she must not be all human, which makes Buffy angry.  She starts beating Spike. The two fight and soon find themselves kissing and then having sex, bringing the house down with them.

I like this episode because I am a fan of Spuffy. (Spike and Buffy) Spike has been in love with Buffy for a while now, and Buffy was seeing Spike as more of a friend than an enemy.  She never does fully love him, but he will always love her.

Honorable Mention:

Once More With Feeling  (Season 6, episode 7)


Dawn releases a demon that causes Sunnydale to turn into a musical.  The whole episode is singing and dancing.  We find out what everyone is truly feeling since they cannot sensor themselves due to the demon. Buffy is finally able to tell her friends that she was in heaven when they resurrected her and she was happy. (Spike already knew this as Buffy told him in a previous episode)



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