Top Five Things from Day Two Of Emerald City Comicon 2017

Friday of Emerald City Comicon is when it get busy. Thursday is a great day to go for shopping and getting the lay of the land, whereas Friday is when the big name celebrities show up and with them come the lines and the crowds. Here are the top five things I enjoyed from Friday at Emerald City Comicon 2017

Freddie Krueger and Jason Vorhees


These two people were standing behind us in line when we were going to get our photo with Robert Englund. There was a little boy in a stroller next to us just a little scared of the duo.  This little boy kept an eye on them until they went around the corner.

A Klingon and a Star Trek Officer


Also in the line next to us was a Klingon getting their make up repaired by a Star Trek officer.  I found the duo funny.

Carrie Fisher Memorial Wall


There was a large panel set up in the main autograph area for people to memorialize Carrie Fisher who was originally scheduled to appear at the con.  My daughter drew Carrie as Princess Leia on the board and left a beautiful message.  These panels will be delivered to her family.

Ash and Jem


These two were seen walking around the con.  I loved how they made their cosplays their own and they didn’t give a shit what others thought.



This gigantic Taun-taun was seen walking outside around the con.  Do you know what temperature a taun-taun is?  Luke warm.

Honorable Mention


I finally found Carmen San Diego.  She was at The Cheesecake Factory.


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