Top Five Favorite Things About Emerald City Comicon 2017 Day Three

Saturday.  The day that everyone is there.  It is the day when cosplayers bring out their best cosplays, the lines are longer, the volunteers are crankier and patience is tested. Here are my top five moments at ECCC17 day three.

My Daughters’ Cosplay


So this year, Tom Felton, was at the con.  So everyone dresses as a Harry Potter character, proudly showing their house colors.  My daughter is technically a Hufflepuff, but she loves Draco Malfoy.  This is her Female version on Draco Malfoy.  Tom loved her cosplay.  He even held her wand that she got at The Wizarding World.

Child Turret from Overwatch


I think child cosplay is adorable.  It allows the children to be a part of something that they can continue with as they grow older. It is a great creative outlet and they get to meet the nicest people.

Non Traditional Cosplays


In this photo, we have a bearded gentleman dressed up as Sarah from Labyrinth.  I sometimes hate it when men look better in a dress than I do.

Tom Felton


So, we got to shake Tom Felton’s hand and get our photo with him.  He was a very polite person.  The cutest thing happened, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven from Stranger Things) completely fan girled over him.  She got a selfie with him and his autograph.  It was adorable.

These Two Girls


Captain America (with two shields) and a princess were sitting above the crowd watching the con attendees go up and down the escalator.  They were discussing everyone’s cosplays and sharing a snack.


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