Top Five Things I Saw at Emerald City Comicon 2017 Day One

It’s that time of year again. The time I let my geek shine through and I get to hang out with fellow introverts hiding behind make up, masks, costumes and altered personas. It is Emerald City Comicon time. 

I have been attending this with my family since 2010.  This will be my first year cosplaying all four days.  Today, I went as a random Ravenclaw student.

With it being Thursday, there weren’t many people there so it was a good time to walk and shop the area. We saw many things and here are my top five things I saw.

A Cosplaying Cat


This cat my husband had actually known.  I guess he is a famous cosplaying cat. I got to pet it.  It purred.  I want a cosplaying cat.

Gigantic ECCC


This always gets me excited.  The entrance to Emerald City Comicon and the gigantic ECCC. And there’s me, in all my Ravenclaw glory.


Lego Serenity


Someone actually took the time to create a Serenity from Lego.  How awesome it that?  They had mini-figs of the whole crew plus The Hands of Blue guys and Badger and The Operative.

Boondocks Saints Cosplayers


These two gentlemen were kind enough to pose for a photo with my husband.  I love cosplayers because they are so nice!

My Daughter


My kiddo cosplayed as Ten-Ten from Naruto.  She did an amazing job of making the whole thing. That’s me photo bombing her in the background. (yes she’s wearing a cardboard hair thingie that she picked up at a booth)



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