Top Five Favorite Books

I read a lot.  I usually do 1-2 books a week, but less if I have a difficult class I’m taking.  I also like to re-read books.  I find new things or interpret a scene differently, plus it is like visiting an old friend.  There are quite a few books I return to every year,  but only a few are my favorite.  Here they are in no particular order.

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (1868, 1869)

I was afraid to read this book at first.  I thought it was going to be about women cooking, cleaning and popping out babies. It was so much more.

Meet Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy.  Four girls growing up at the end of the Civil War.  Their Father has gone off to help the fight, their mother works long hours at the hospital.

Meg is the oldest and she learns that there is more to marriage than marrying rich.

Jo is next and she learns to follow her dreams, but to not neglect those around her.

Beth is third and she learns that she cannot take care of everyone and to let others take care of her.

The youngest is Amy who learns to set aside her vanity and pride and to become the best person she can.

This book covers first loves, second chances, death, heartbreak, responsibility, growing up and becoming little women.

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore (2007) 

This book was given to me by a coworker who read it in a book club.  She didn’t quite care for it but it was “quirky enough” that I may enjoy it.

What happens to your soul when you die? Does it go to heaven, if you believe in that sort of thing? Does it disappear? Does it move on to someone new? What if it goes into something you own, your most treasured item and stays there until someone comes along and collects it?

Asher finds out that he has a new calling.  He is responsible for collecting soul vessels and seeing that they move on to their next host.  But something is stealing the vessels and a dark cloud of evil is moving towards San Fransisco.  Charlie has to battle demons, raise his daughter who may be death, walk Hell-hounds and pay his employees; all before the world ends.

Lamb by Christopher Moore  (2004)

Jesus had a best friend growing up.  His name was Biff. Lamb is about those years not mentioned in the Bible, when Jesus was a teenager and a young adult. Biff is able to write down what he and Jesus did so we could have “The Gospel According to Biff”.

I was raised catholic and this book made me laugh throughout.  It is not for the fair of heart, or the prudish, or anyone without a sense of humor. Most of the seven deadly sins were broken on their journey, but it is a fantastic tale with a happy ending.

The Stand by Stephen King (1978)

If I could write books, I would like to be able to tell a story like Stephen King.  He has a wonderful way to get you attached to his characters and his writing makes you feel like you are right there.  Seems like every time I read this book, I come down with the sniffles though.

The year is 1990 and humans are dying of the Super Flu.  Those that don’t die choose to either fight for the Man in Black or to fight with Mother Abigail. Follow Stu, Frannie, Larry, Nick, Tom (m-o-o-n that spells Tom), Ralph, Nadine, Harold, The Trashcan Man, Joe, Lucy and many others as they work to rebuild the world.

The Martian by Andy Weir (2014)

This book is a great read.  It is so funny and well written. It is all about Mark who gets left on Mars when his crew mates had to leave quickly.  They thought he died in the sandstorm, but he didn’t.  This is about how he was able to get in contact with NASA and get his crew to come back for him.  There is a lot of science in the book, so if you are not a science nerd, good luck.

Honorable mention:

The House of Night Series by PC and Kristin Cast (2009-2015)

I know, it’s not a single book.  But they are quick reads and involve vampires.  Ones that don’t sparkle and ones who don’t get bitten and turned.  Teenagers who grow into vampires and have to attend a school called “The House of Night”.


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