Top Five Favorite Book Series

I love to read.  It is a problem of mine. I have read all sorts of books: fiction, nonfiction, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, erotica, poems, essays, memoirs, how to books, pretty much all types. I am very thankful for modern technology because I can always have a book on hand be it either on my phone or on my iPad. I use the Kindle app, the Bluefire Reader app, the Nook app, and the Kobo app as well as regular books to feed my need. I don’t like a book to end if it is real good, so I try to read book series.

I like to lose myself in a good story.  The author has to have a good narrative voice and the characters need to have a little something in them for me to relate to.  So, in no particular order, here are my top five book series I have read, and re-read over and over again.

The Harry Potter Series by JK Rowling

I was reluctant to read this book series.  When the first movie came out, I was mad.  I was furious. Harry Potter and the Philosophers stone was trying to copy Lord of the Rings.  There was no way this was going to catch on.  Who wants to read about a boy wizard?

My husband picked up the first book and offered it to me when he was done.  I said no.  He read the second one…again I said no when he offered it to me.  I was going to stick to my Lord of the Rings.  Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban came out, he read it and didn’t offer it this time.  He knew I had no interest.  Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, nope.  Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix…nope.  Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince…(he told me that Dumbledore died)…I still had no interest.  By this time, I had see the first movie.

The Boy Who Lived saturated the market.  I finally caved in.  I borrowed my husbands copy and devoured the first three books in two days.  I was addicted. I joined Mugglenet and called myself a Potterhead.  I scoured the internet looking for sorting quizzes because I just had to find out what house I was in. (Ravenclaw)

I read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and cried so hard when Cedric died.  And my favorite character?  He was a traitor! Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix made me feel true hate (Umbridge) towards a teacher for the first time ever. Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince made me feel as if I had lost a part of myself when Dumbledore died.  But I didn’t think Snape was evil.

Finally, the midnight release of book 7 came.  I got home with the book and read until 4 in the morning.  Hedwig!  Moody!  No, not Fred!  Tonks!  Lupin!  “Not my daughter, you bitch!”

It was all over.  So what did I do next?  I picked up book one and started all over.  Welcome home, Kate.

I have read this series so many times.  I average about twice a year.  I own it on CD so I can listen to it in my car. I own the UK versions, I own the special edition versions.  I have it on my Ipad and on my computer.  I have Harry Potter Fever.

Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris

I admit, I have read the Twilight series.  I am a reformed Twihard. I have visited Forks, Washington and have attended a Twilight Convention.  I really enjoyed that series.  Stephenie Meyer could tell a good story, cheesy, but good.  A friend of mine said if I like Twilight, I should check out the Southern Vampire Series by Charlaine Harris.  It has vampires, shifters, sex and magic.

I picked up the first book and was a bit confused….but I soon caught on.  This is a series where vampires are part of society.  They have always been, they just have been hiding and have come out of the coffin only recently.  The main character, Sookie Stackhouse, is a waitress at a bar who has a gift.  She can read peoples’ minds.  The small town of Bon Temps, Louisiana is where this 13 book series takes place.

The television show True Blood is based on these books, loosely based.

We follow Sookie when she falls in love for the first time, is betrayed, learns to use her power, fights for her life (more than once), meet long lost family, catch murders, falls in love again, gets kidnapped (more than once), participates in a war or two, learns about shifters and fairies and demons, falls in love again, and so much.  When the end comes, you feel satisfied.  It’s nice to have a happy ending.

The Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series by Laurell K Hamilton

After I read the Sookie Stackhouse books that same friend pointed me towards Anita Blake.  This book series is not for the faint of heart.  There is BDSM, killing, blood, sex, experimentation, and assassination.

Anita Blake is our heroine.  She raises zombies for a living, mainly for will consults and legal issues.  She is an Animator.  There are only a few in the United States, so she makes good money.  She also executes vampires that have broken the law. This is a world where vampires and shifters are out in the open.  There are also witches, and wiccans, animators and necromancers.  It is a very different world. Anita is asked to help the local police department on a case that involves the dead and her world turns upside down.

There is so much that goes on in this series and it is not over yet.  25 books so far.  Anita struggles to find who she is in this supernatural world.  She executes vampires, but falls in love with one.  She becomes a necromancer and finds herself also becoming a vampire master, but she is still human.  She solves crimes, investigates murders and has a lot of sexy time with her lovers (she is polyamorous).

I don’t want to ruin the series for anyone so I don’t want to give too much away.  The first book is difficult to get through, but wait…it gets better.

The Dark Tower Series by Stephen King

This series was my Harry Potter series for the longest time. There are a total of eight books which are very long, but tell a wonderful tale.  I picked up this series when I was in grade school. I was given permission to check out books in the Adult section since I was such an avid reader. (This was the late 80’s.  My mom just signed my library card for me giving me permission.) I was drawn to the cover of the book, since I use to judge a book by the cover.

This book series is about Roland Deschain, the Last Gungslinger. He is chasing the man in black, Martin, who betrayed Roland when he was younger.  There is time travel, parallel universe travel, monsters, mutants, an evil train, riddles, a King, and a Tower.

I am an avid Stephen King reader and one of my favorite things about the Dark Tower series is that the story line crosses into other King books and short stories.  In my old paper back books, I would highlight references to the Dark Tower for future reference.

The movie will be coming out soon starring Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black and Idris Elba as The Gunslinger.  I am scared of this movie.  I’m not sure how they will create the Mid-world that these books take place. I’m even afraid that they will not be able to show the essence of these characters correctly.

The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

I’m not sure if you ever had to read The Hobbit in school, but I did. I hated the book, at first.  I do not like being forced to read something, very seldom do I find the book enjoyable.  So, in 8th grade we read The Hobbit and I thought it was dull.  What the heck was a Hobbit and who cares about his journey?

One of my brothers owned the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Me being naive, I had no idea that they were related to The Hobbit.  I borrowed the first book, and I was thinking to myself: “I know what a Hobbit it….from where though?”

The books are a great adventure story.  They also show that different species (people) can get along and maybe become friends.  It also teaches not to overlook the little guy, he may be more powerful that you think.  There are many romances, my favorite are Eowyn and Faramir.

Now when I read the series, I begin with The Hobbit and go there and back again about once a year.

Honorable Mention:

The Nocturne Falls Series by Kristen Painter

“Welcome to Nocturne Falls, the town where Halloween is celebrated 365 days a year. The tourists think it’s all a show: the vampires, the werewolves, the witches, the occasional gargoyle flying through the sky. But the supernaturals populating the town know better.”

I stumbled upon this book series because of an ad on Facebook.  I picked up the first book and I was hooked.  They are short reads, but lovely stories of romance and adventure.  The author, Kristen Painter, recently had five books released by guest authors that take place in the Nocturne Falls universe. I read this series like junk food.


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