Top Five Celebrities I have Met at Emerald City Comicon

I have been attending Emerald City Comicon since 2010 and have had the privileged to meet many authors, comic creators and celebrities.  Some of theses celebrities were nice, they shook my hand and signed my stuff–for a fee.  Some acted like they were better than me and didn’t want to e there.  And a few made me feel like I was the reason they came.

Here are my top five favorite celebrities I have met at ECCC. (And one honorable mention)

George Takei


I am a recently inducted Trekkie.  My mom hated science fiction, so I knew of Star Trek growing up but I didn’t get to see it.  It wasn’t until 1997 that I saw my first Star Trek Movie.

I fell in love right then and there.

George Takei wasn’t my first Star Trek celebrity.  We were fortunate to get our photo taken with Leonard Nemoy and few years prior.

After standing in line for ages, we had our opportuinity to meet Sulu.  He shook our hands and asked us about our Cosplays.  I was dressed as Kaylee from Firefly and my daughter was dressed as Polka from Eternal Sonata.  She was being very shy so Mr. Takei asked if he could sing to her.  He sang her the song “Cindy”.  It was amazing.  It made her smile and she still talks about it to this day.

Edward James Olmos


We met Edward James Olmos the same year as Takei.  I knew mis best form the movie “Mi Familia” but I also knew that he was on Battlestar Galactica.

My Daughter was being her usual shy self and when Edward James Olmos shook her hand, he would not let go! He kept saying things like “I Can’t believe I’m meeting you!”, “I am your biggest fan!”, “I have seen everything you have been in!”.  He was being so sweet to her.

Alan Tudyk


Alan Tudyk has been in so much, but most of us know him as Wash from Firefly.  When we met him, he took the time to chat with us.  We talked about Firefly of course and he told us a little story about why it got cancelled.  He blamed it on one person from FOX who didn’t like the show.  He also talked about his upcoming projects and he thanked us for coming to meet him.  He was so nice.

Nolan North


Nolan North is best known for his voice overs for video games. We had the opportunity to meet him last year (2016).  He was such a delight!  One of his characters is Nate Drake from Uncharted.  My husband name is Nate.  So when we shook his hand he said “Hi Nate!  I’m Nate!”.  We chatted a bit and he had no problem with us taking a photo with him.  When we bumped into him later on the floor, he acted as if he remembered us.

Orlando Jones


Most people know Orlando Jones from the television show Sleepy Hallow.  I grew up with him being the 7-up spokesperson.  He was also in one of my favorite alien movies “Evolution” which he costarred with David Duchovny.  Orlando joked with us during the autograph session and when we got our photo taken with us, he *had* to hold the prop gun my husband was using.  He was such a goofy man to meet!

Honorable Mention:

Wil Wheaton


Wesley Crusher (AKA Wil Wheaton) was the only celebrity that did not charge us for an autograph.  He encouraged us to purchase his book, but he didn’t require it for an autograph.  You always hear stories of child stars growing up into assholes, but he was (as is) such a nice person.

My Daughter’s Honorable Mention:

That one time when Norman Reedus gave her a hug.



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