Heathers and Society

I recently watched “Heathers” on Netflix the other night.  I was in the mood for something from my childhood.  I have seen this movie enough times to say the dialog along with the characters.

Halfway through the film, I thought to my self ha t a beautifully written flick.  JD says it perfectly in the end: “The school is society.”

You have your uber popular people, the Heathers.  You either want to be them or fuck them as Heather Chandler says. This group of people is what society thinks is the ultimate goal in life–the perfect clothes, all the money, all the looks.

Next in line are the Veronicas.  These are the people who want to be a Heather, they try to fit in by dressing the same, talking the same, and being seen in the same places. Most people who want to be a Heather usually stay a Veronica because there is a part of themselves that they aren’t willing to give up.  In Veronica’s case–her conscience.

The next layer is the Jocks and popular people.  These people can be seen hanging with the Heathers and the Veronicas, but hey feel safer in their own clique.  They casually worship the Heathers, but talk shit about them behind their backs.  Most of society can be sorted into their group.

The next layer would be the losers, geeks, nerds, stoners, goths, board dorks, band geeks, theater people; anyone else who decided to form their own clique because they couldn’t be a jock, cheerleader or popular. These people worshiped the Heathers, spoke to the Veronicas and mingled with the populars.  A few would trickle up to the populars or to the the Veronicas, but maybe one in a million would even be considered a Heather.

Right below these are the leftovers.  People who have no one to fit in with.  They are made fun of everyone.  But these people can be the kindest and nicest people.  They always put others needs first.

And finally you have the JD’s. These people are chaos.  They see what is going on in the word, but only choose to stir the pot.  JD seemed like perfect boyfriend material for Veronica.  He was sexy, confident and had a bad boy vibe. If he hooked up with a Heather, I’m pretty sure his plan to destroy society would have worked, but Veronica had a conscience and she knew what JD was doing was evil.

Towards the end, she watched JD self destruct.

Then there are the parents and teachers. These people were the ones in charge, but they didn’t really see what was going on.  Heather Chandler “kills herself” and they are hoping it wasn’t “The Cheerleader one” so they can take a day off.  The school counselor sees it as an opportunity to capitalize on death and to glorify it.  No one sees that there were real people with real problems that needed to be addressed.

After writing this I had an epiphany.

We need to be how Veronica was in the end.  She saw how society was falling and she went to do better.  She was kind to the Bettys and Martha Dunnstocks.  She pulled JD out of harms way and watch hims destroy himself, then she took over and created a better world.




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