Top Five Websites I Go To When I’m Bored

So, I spend a lot of time on the internet.  I use it for work, for social media and for school.  So there are many times when I need to take a break from what I’m doing and distract myself for a few minutes.

Here are five websites I go to (besides Facebook and YouTube) that I find as a great distraction from what I’m suppose to be doing.

I don’t remember how this site hit my radar.  I think it was mentioned in an article I read on ways to cure boredom.  This site posts items daily on different things. There are funny photos, legit news articles, games, surveys and so much more.

You can subscribe to them on Facebook and see their items immediately or you can check out the site when you’re bored. That’s what I do, so there is always something new to check out.

This site causes me to giggle every time.  All you have to do is move your mouse until you find the cow.  Make sure you have  your sound on, and have fun!

This is a geek shoppers dream!  I purchase a lot of my geek accessories from this site. There is something for all fandoms and they have amazing customer service.  With every purchase you earn geek points which can be used to purchase items.

I cam across this site when I was looking for a Harry Potter fabric.  This site is amazing!  You can purchase a variety of fabrics that others have designed, and you can design your own as well.  They sell custom designed wall paper and wrapping paper.  You could get a whole bunch of things that match! They also have an area where you purchase patterns printed on fabric.  All you need to do is cut and sew!

This site was recently shown to me.  You have to sign up to look at what they have to offer.  You first go through and select your likes, hit the button that says “Stumble Upon” and check out what they have to show you on your interests.  It sorts though everything on the internet and takes you to sites you didn’t even know was out there.

Honorable Mention

Cole and Marmalade

What is cuter than a cat?  Two cats!  Meet Cole and Marmalade. Check out cute cat videos, learn about how to save big cats and so much more!



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